Milan  Foundation Nepal works in the poorest region of Nepal.  MFN gives children what every child deserves—a healthy start, the opportunity to grow through quality education. We save children’s lives and secure their future.


  • Amar Singh Gharti Magar

    Amar Singh Gharti Magar

    Amar Singh Gharti Magar, 21 Years old is differently able (handicapped) youth. He is from Rambha Rural Municipality Ward No. 2, Phoksinghkot, Surumdanda of Palpa District. He is studying in class 7...

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Our Programme

  • Plantation Programme

    Plantation Programme

    MFN runs the plantation programme to preserve the ecological environment as well as the poor people from different places of Nepal who don't have lots of income sources.

    MFN gives different kinds of plant that can be the part of income source, Like ,Orange plant,Mango Plant and many more.

  • After School Programme

    After School Programme

    Many kids do not have a good environment for their education or do not stay near schools. Many of these kids are involves in hard labor and/or unethical activities. MFN goal is to end child labor, also knowing that every child needs a healthy start--MFN  has after-school programs in different platforms of the community. Students can expand their...

  • Self Employment Programme

    Self Employment Programme

    Those people who are live in remote places of Nepal ,who are the in the line of poverty, who don't have chance to take different kinds of training that can be used to make a part of income source MFN gives a chances to take a tanning by doing co-ordination & co-operation with the various Governmental, Non-Governmental Organization & individuals....

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